Re-Gas Energy Ltd Design & Plant Expansion

Re-Gas Energy Ltd Design & Plant Expansion

Re-Gas Energy Ltd Design & Plant Expansion

Re-Gas Energy Ltd operate an energy crop and food waste anaerobic digestion facility near Basingstoke.  Marches Biogas were contracted to expand the site including full design and designer interface with the civil contractor and biogas upgrader and M&E procurement, installation and commissioning of two new digesters with associated equipment.  The biogas produced from this additional plant capacity is fed into a biogas upgrader and then to a gas-to-virtual grid system designed, installed and commissioned by Pentair. 

Marches Biogas provided the design, equipment procurement, site fabrication and M&E installation followed by plant commissioning and training of site operators.  A dedicated Site Manager worked alongside the Marches Biogas site installation team and other sub-contractors.  As the project progressed, Marches Biogas took on the role of Principal Contractor from the civil contractor once they had completed their works.

The following was provided as part of Marches Biogas’ work package:

  • 1 no. 500m3 raw waste buffer tank to accept processed food waste and energy crops.,
  • 2 no. 2,500m3 primary digesters with double membrane gas holder with a volume of 1,200m3 connected to the existing gas system.
  • 1 no. 169m3 pasteuriser.
  • Hydraulic and gas mixing systems for the above.
  • 2 no. flares and gas pipework
  • Associated Pumps and Instrumentation
  • Interconnecting hot water, slurry and gas pipework
  • Electrical control panel and PLC/SCADA system

The plant was successfully commissioned and is fully operational.   

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