Process safety

Marches Biogas provide a range of facility safety surveys and Health and Safety Advice concerning the operation of a site. 

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DSEAR Surveys

DSEAR stands for Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations which identifies the dangerous substances and potentially dangerous areas on site. Principle Biogas identify and classify areas where potential explosive atmospheres may occur on site and implement control measures to avoid those risks.  We can also review previous DSEAR assessments that have been made to ensure they are correct and kept up to date. 

HAZOP Studies

As process engineers we are always looking to ensure our designs are as simple as possible and most importantly safe and to ensure this we carry out hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies.  A HAZOP study is a systematic and structured way of assessing a process and identifying any problems or risks that could cause harm to the plant, people or the environment. Principle Biogas has experience of undertaking these studies and can provide this as a service to proposed or existing facilities.

Health and Safety Advice

Principle Biogas understands and has experience of Health and Safety requirements throughout the life of a project.  This includes site safety during construction, plant commissioning and operational facilities. 

Facility Safety Audits

The practical experience of working on operational plants, together with our skilled engineers, allows Marches Biogas to undertake facility safety audits and provide a report with recommendations for improvement where necessary.  

Facility Safety Audits are also offered to insurance companies where a due diligence report is required by the Underwriters to confirm that any risks of harm to plant, people and the environment have been adequately minimised. 

HAZOP Studies

Find out more about the independent Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) undertaken on two of our sites.

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