Anaerobic Digester Design

Marches Biogas offer a variety of design services which cover all the design requirements of an anaerobic digestion facility. 

Each service can be provided individually as single work package or as part of a larger contract.  At the end of each design phase the design is peer reviewed to assess the operability of the process and to ensure that any problems or risks of harm to plant, people and the environment are minimised.  Please contact us directly to discuss your design requirements.


Process Design

The initial design of any anaerobic digestion project starts with the process design.  Our designers need to have an idea of the type and quantity of feedstocks, any planning restrictions, and how the gas and digestate are to be used in order to commence the design process.  The outputs from the process design will be process flow diagrams indicating the tank & gas holder capacities together with the mechanical and electrical instrumentation required.  

Mechanical Design

Upon completion of the process design the project can progress to the mechanical design.  The tanks will be sized and the plant layout developed.  Drawings will be produced for the civil engineering contractors, fabricators and mechanical installers. 

Electrical Design

The electrical design commences once the process design is complete.  The outputs from the electrical design will allow an electrical contractor to quote for, and complete the plant electrical installation.  The electrical design includes the panel arrangement, wiring diagrams, cable schedule and termination schedule.  

Principal Designer Duties

Where required Marches Biogas can undertake principal designer duties.  As principal designer we would take control of the pre-construction phase where more than one contractor was involved. 

The duties we would undertake include planning, monitoring and overseeing all pre-construction health and safety requirements; bring together pre-construction information to ensure all parties involved have the information they require to carry out their duties; work with other designers to eliminate any health and safety risks or take steps to reduce and control the risks; ensure that all parties communicate and coordinate their work; and liaise with the principal contractor ensuring they are aware of any risks that need to be controlled during the construction phase.  

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