About Us


Marches Biogas is a specialist anaerobic digestion (AD) engineering company with extensive experience of plant design, construction, installation, training, operation & maintenance from years of working within the water, waste and agricultural AD industry. 

We have built over 30 anaerobic digestion plants, ranging from 50 kWe to large scale facilities utilising feedstocks including energy crops, farm slurries, food, and industrial wastes. We undertake new build and reengineering projects across the AD and Water Company sectors both in the UK, the US, Europe, and the rest of world. We offer tailored advice, training, and maintenance packages to companies across a variety of industries including those we have constructed and those built by third parties.

Meet the Directors of the company below.

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Keith Knight

Keith Knight joined the team in 2018 as a Divisional Director for Marches Biogas managing their engineering design, construction and consultancy business. Keith has had senior roles within the water and AD Industry since the 1980’s with the likes of Enpure Ltd and Biogen (Greenfinch) Ltd. Within Marches Biogas, Keith has been overseeing the progress the company has made with their work within the waste water industry.

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Mark Pugh

Mark Pugh joined the team in January 2019 as a Divisional Director managing the Support Division. He has over 20 years of experience working within the waste water industry having previously worked at Purac and Doosan Enpure Ltd as their Engineering Manager. Mark is committed to ensuring that Marches Biogas keeps maintaining top level support for AD plants and operators from plants that Marches originally built to new customers requiring on going assistance.

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Russell Mulliner
Technical Advisor

Russell established Marches Biogas in 2009 and has since led the company to build over 30 anaerobic digestion plants, most of whom are still supported by the company. Previously Russell was a director of Greenfinch Ltd where he was fundamental in a number of research projects in collaboration with the University of Southampton which led the UK’s first ABP compliant anaerobic digester.  Russell was key to the design and operation of the plant and has since designed and built a number of plants dedicated to animal by products.

All things AD

Marches Biogas offers a complete range of services specific to anaerobic digestion.  A snap shot of the work the company has undertaken can be seen in the case study section.  Click on the link below to find out more and contact us today to discuss how we can help your AD project.