plant operation studies

Marches Biogas can offer a range of plant operational studies for a variety of applications from trouble shooting & fault finding to due diligence for refinancing or insurance purposes.  Our experience and understanding of the process enables us to undertake these studies to a high standard, giving recommendations for process improvement where appropriate.

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Process Assessments

As part of a process assessment we would carry out a site visit and follow the flow sheet.  This would start at the feed system, moving into the digester and the heating and mixing systems.  We would then assess the method for gas take off and storage, follow the gas to its point of utilisation and finally track the digester discharge system and any post treatment.  We would also spend time talking to the operator to understand the process control.  Typically we would be assessing the design of the systems focusing on their effectiveness and any particular points of concern.  The assessment would also look very generally at site safety features together with compliance with gas safety regulations.

The outcome of the assessment would be a report highlighting any key concerns and recommendation for process improvement where appropriate. 

Operational Audits

An operational audit would focus on the inputs and outputs of a system focusing on the efficiency of the plant.  We would visit site and assess the feedstock types and quality, record tank volumes and temperatures, and talk to the operator in order to understand the process flow and control.  We would require gas production figures, or energy output data in KWhrs.  We would want to understand how the digestate is handled post digestion and any pinch points this might cause.  The equipment used on site would also be assessed for the cost of operation.

The outcome of the assessment would be a report detailing the efficiency of the facility, highlighting any particular concerns and making recommendations for improvements where necessary.

Operational Trouble Shooting

Trouble shooting and fault finding is something that we pride ourselves on as a company, as we like to fully understand any process complication.  This could be a problem with gas flows, mixing and heating systems or poor process health.  In any circumstance Marches Biogas can carry out a site visit, make a full assessment of the particular problem and propose possible solutions to be implemented which would be detailed within a report following the visit.  

Lithium Trace Tests

Lithium trace tests can be used to assess the efficiency of the digester mixing system, the available digester capacity and the hydraulic retention time.  This is particularly useful where an assessment of the digester capacity needs to be made to establish if there is a build-up of grit at the base of the digester and if so to what extent.  Marches Biogas has experience of many lithium trace tests with the production of a report highlighting the findings at the end of the test.  Initial findings can be presented within 6 weeks of start of the test, with a final report issued at the end of sampling which can be up to 12 weeks.  

DSEAR Assessments should be reviewed every 3 years

Our process engineers specialise in DSEAR assessments having undertaken these surveys on many different sites across the country.  Contact us today to talk about the review of an existing, or development of a new DSEAR assessment.

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