Tom Goodwin CEng C.WEM 6/10/2020

Tom Goodwin CEng C.WEM 6/10/2020

Tom Goodwin CEng C.WEM 6/10/2020

Marches Biogas Newly Chartered Process Engineer

We are delighted to announce that our already experienced Process Engineer, Tom Goodwin, is now a fully Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (C.WEM).  

Tom started in the world of anaerobic digestion as a postgraduate engineer from Loughborough University’s Water Engineering and Development Centre at BiogenGreenfinch.  Tom was thrown in at the deep end of solid waste handling! The difficulties of depackaging, grit and biogas gave Tom a passion to find robust and operationally resilient ways of handling these difficult media. The lessons learned gave him a firm grounding in practical engineering and he began to develop the competencies necessary for attaining chartership.  He was also heavily involved with the challenge of odour control in a food waste environment as well as being part of the team which got Westwood AD Facility through the PAS110 accreditation process, a UK first!  In addition, Tom designed the rainwater management philosophy which ensured that dirty water in the bund was captured and treated, with clean water discharged to soak away drainage.

Tom moved on from Biogen to become the biogas safety lead and process engineer for the start-up company, AD4Energy. He has come back to his roots at Marches Biogas and has a hands on approach to engineering which provides valuable insight to the operational issues faced by sites.  One of Tom’s main focus’ is ensuring that our customer’s biogas is correctly managed, with discharges to atmosphere or flaring minimised as far as possible.  Tom can be regularly be seen on sites across the UK undertaking DSEAR and gas system safety surveys.  The knowledge and experience gained at Marches Biogas have given Tom the grounding to take the leap and achieve his charterships. 

Tom being a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager means that Marches Biogas’ customers can have further confidence that they are dealing with professionals who will always ensure that the task is completed to a high standard of engineering, with knowledge and insight drawn from experience and sound engineering good practice together with our aim to always prevent harm to the environment, and keep them on the right side of the regulatory authorities.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys hillwalking, keeping fit and participating in 15th century battle re-enactments with the Beaufort Companye of the Wars of the Roses federation. Tom is an accomplished archer, shooting a “war bow” - a replica of one of the finds from the Mary Rose.

Keith Knight, Director at Marches Biogas was quoted as saying that "Tom is a fantastic engineer, passionate about all things AD and can often be found late in the evening bashing his helmet and armour in our spacious workshop. It is some relief that after 5 years of "gentle encouragement" Tom has now achieved the success of Chartership."

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