commissioning & decommissioning

The commissioning and decommissioning of anaerobic digesters and associated equipment and processes needs to be carefully planned and thought out to ensure that it is carried out safely and efficiently.  Marches Biogas has over 30 years' experience of commissioning and decommissioning anaerobic digestion facilities and therefore fully understands the complexities of what often appears to be a very simple process.  

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Marches Biogas can provide commissioning of a complete anaerobic digestion facility, or specific plant components that have been retro-fitted or taken off line for maintenance or repair, this might include gas cleaning equipment or feed, heating, mixing and discharge systems.  As part of the commissioning process we would provide a full method statement and risk assessment and timeline of events.  For the commissioning of the digestion process we would develop a site specific feed plan and talk the operators through what would be required of them.  At the end of any commissioning process certificates will be issued to the client. 


The decommissioning of an anaerobic digestion process or associated equipment and processes requires careful planning.  As with any commissioning process, Marches Biogas would provide a full method statement and risk assessment for client approval prior to any activities taking place onsite.  Any decommissioning process is closely managed through the process, with particular emphasis on the early stages where a mixture of highly flammable and toxic gas is likely to occur.  Where required Marches Biogas has engineers who are qualified to use breathing apparatus and enter confined spaces. Once the gas space, within a tank or pipeline, is made safe the subsequent steps for decommissioning can progress.  At the end of any decommissioning process certificates can be issued to the client or principal contractor where required.   

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve and Internal Gas Holder Inspections carried out with Breathing Apparatus

At Marches Biogas we have engineers who are specially trained to carry out maintenance tasks with breathing apparatus and escape sets.  This could be for pressure vacuum relief valve or internal gas holder inspections.  

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