Marches Biogas now offers two e-learning modules aimed at AD operators although they are also suitable for students, consultants and anyone else who may be interested to learn about anaerobic digestion.  

Marches Biogas recognises the importance of operator training and the impact this has on the operation of the plant.  The design and quality of the digester build is paramount however, the operator will make the difference as to how effectively the plant performs.

These e-learning modules offer flexibility for the learner to undertake the training at their own pace and during quieter times of the day. 

Module 1 - An Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion

This module looks at the basic fundamentals of the Anaerobic Digestion process, as well as the key facts that anyone who operates an Anaerobic Digestion plant should have knowledge of in order to run their plant efficiently and safely.

After completing the course, learners will expect to have a firm knowledge of:

  • What the key drivers are for AD
  • The fundamentals of the Anaerobic Digestion process
  • The common features of AD Plants
  • The hazards of an operational AD plant
  • Typical feedstock characteristics
  • What the key AD parameters are 
  • The constituents of biogas & key points to be aware of
  • The value of digestate as a fertiliser
  • The concept of mass balance & the production of energy from biogas

Module 2 - Anaerobic Digestion: Inputs and Outputs

Module 2 looks in more detail at important factors linked to the efficient running of an AD plant, focusing closely on the storage and pre-treatment of feedstocks, the utilisation and storage of biogas and the handling of digestate. Anyone operating an AD plant will aim to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest possible return on their investment. This module will give you a better understanding of how to achieve that goal with respect to producing quality feedstock, which will maximise biogas potential and produce a valuable digestate

After completing the course, learners will expect to have a firm knowledge of:

  • Feedstock characteristics and comparisons
  • The importance of eliminating feedstock contaminants
  • Feedstock storage and pre-treatment
  • Biogas composition & the influences on its quality
  • Methods of biogas storage
  • The utilisation of biogas
  • The typical characteristics of digestate, and how this varies
  • Post digestate treatments
  • The utilisation of digestate
  • An introduction to PAS110 and the quality protocol

To access these e-learning training courses click on the link below which will direct you to the learner management system.  On your first visit you will need to create a login to enter the site.  If you have any problems please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone 03332 079991 or email 


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E-learning Reviews

“The flexibility of the Marches Biogas E-learning modules meant that we could fit them in with a hectic and ever changing schedule.  The content was easy to navigate and broke down the AD process into manageable sections of learning. The training highlighted gaps in operator knowledge and was extremely valuable to our continued professional development.”

Rhodri Williams, Welsh Water Organic Energy


"Thank you a lot for this course, it’s a great course for anyone specialised in the area of biogas."

Ibrahim Rahmouni, University of Batna 1, Algeria


"As an introduction to AD it was excellent, although I have a basic knowledge already there was still some good points I have learned from the course content. "

Graham Lillico, Schneider Electric