Marches Biogas dedicates significant resources to the continued enhancement of the anaerobic digestion process via laboratory-scale trials and experimentation, through to the application of full-scale trial apparatus and process modifications. As well as performing collaborative research with industry partners and academic bodies, Marches Biogas also conduct research and development projects on a commercial basis for clients and business partners that we work with.

Since its establishment, Marches Biogas has always put innovation at the forefront of its services to the Biogas Industry in order to improve the efficiency and safety of the process.  Examples of advancement in our technology ranges from novel anaerobic digester design, bespoke equipment to improve process safety and enhance efficiency, through to determining feedstock suitability, feedstock pre-treatment, nutrient management and biological process enhancement/refinement to improve stability and realise locked-up energy potential.

The potential baseload that anaerobic digestion has to offer to the renewable energy sector is significant, yet there remain large, currently inaccessible reserves of energy potential within the organic substrates utilised for biogas production. Often this is due to unstable process operation but could also be down to resilient feedstock structures.

If you have a research project or problem with your process that you think we could help you with do give us a call to discuss it further. 

AD Tank Contamination Test & Analysis

Marches Biogas have recently developed a new method for sampling and analysing the contamination levels within AD process tanks over time. The methodology quantifies different types of contamination and can be applied any AD facility.  

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