Marches Biogas has experience of supporting AD facilities with environmental permitting applications, environmental audits, developing environmental management systems and applying for the Digestate Quality Protocol and PAS110 certification process.

We work closely with the regulators and certification boards to fully comprehend the requirements of the permits and schemes, and to establish how systems are practically applied to operational facilities.

Listed below are the main areas the Regulatory and Permitting Support Team specialise in so please contact them directly to discuss your project.


Environmental Permits

Marches Biogas can advise on the environmental permitting requirements for anaerobic digestion facilities, whether you are applying for the first time or looking to change or vary your permit. The regulatory and permitting support team is well placed to understand the requirements of the applications and can provide assistance or manage the entire process for you.

Environmental Audits

The Environment Agency will visit sites on an annual basis or more frequently if required to ensure full compliance with the facilities permit. Marches Biogas can support facility operators through this process, including attending site for the visit and assisting with any follow up work that may be required.

Environmental Management Systems

To comply with the environmental permit, you are required to have an environmental management system (EMS) in place and operational. Marches Biogas has developed its own EMS which is simple for operators to implement and is accepted by the Environment Agency.

Quarterly And Annual Waste Returns

Marches Biogas offer a service to complete the quarterly and annual waste returns for your AD facility. All that is required is access to your feed input log sheet and your environmental permit details.

Digestate Quality Protocol & PAS110 Accreditation

Marches Biogas offer a service to aid sites wishing to gain PAS110 certification by creating and implementing a Quality Management System, Identifying the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan, Sampling materials to become accredited during the validation period and at the required times after validation all to meet the PAS110 requirements and digestate quality protocol.

Digestate Quality Protocol & PAS110 Audits

Sites that have achieved the digestate quality protocol and PAS110 will be audited on an annual basis. Marches Biogas can assist the facility operator with this process, ensuring all procedures are being followed and paper work is correctly maintained prior to the audit. Marches Biogas can also be present during the audit and assist with any follow up requirements.

RHI Sustainability Calculations

Marches Biogas can produce sustainability calculations for individual feedstocks for the quarterly RHI data submissions. The team can use standard figures, together with some specific details relating your feedstocks in order to calculate the g CO2eq/MJ heat.

CASE STUDY - Aston Lower Hall Farm

Find out about the regulatory and permitting support that Marches Biogas provided to Aston Lower Hall Farm.