research & development

Marches Biogas is always looking to improve plant operation and reduce costs throughout the anaerobic digestion process. 

Typically we start all research with a desktop study of the possible solutions to a particular problem that has occurred on a site.  Once we have established a new concept we will look to test it at a bench top scale within our laboratory.  If successful we can then scale a prototype that can be tested onsite, or if biological we will begin tests on a commercial site with the agreement of the client.  Once a process or plant addition has proved successful we will look to offer it on a commercial scale.  

Marches Biogas is currently developing a chemical hydrogen sulphide scrubber which removes solid sulphur from the biogas on its way to the biogas consumers.  

Lithium Trace Test

Is your digester filling up with grit, reducing the operating capacity of the tank? Is the tank mixing effective or is feedstock short circuiting the process? 

Marches Biogas is experienced at carrying out Lithium Trace Tests on all sizes of digester to establish the effective working volume of your process vessel, calculate the hydraulic retention time and confirm the effectiveness of the mixing system.  

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