Sulphur Net Clean

Sulphur Net Clean

Sulphur Net Clean

After years of operation sulphur nets can become laden with sulphur which reduces the effectiveness of the net to capture sulphur and could lead to net and internal tank damage. Marches Biogas can offer the safe and effective cleaning of a sulphur net, together with any necessary repairs.  During the clean our engineers also inspect the internal top section of the tank including centre column and biogas pipework, clean any viewing windows and service the pressure relief valves.

This work is undertaken by a team of skilled and experienced engineers and is planned out in detail with a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) issued to the client well in advance to the day of the works.  No two sites are ever the same so the work must be planned with meticulous detail.

The clean itself is usually completed within a day, with preparation works made the day before.  Wherever possible it is beneficial to coincide this work with a CHP service as the H2S within the biogas following the clean can be higher for a short period of time while the culture builds back up.  This can be mitigated by the use of air injection and Ferric Hydroxide.  

Prior to the works Marches Biogas will meet with the client to discuss the process in detail and provide a guideline schedule of activities taking place before, during and after the works are completed.  Once the work is complete and the tank is resealed Marches Biogas will oversee the recommissioning of the gas system and the mechanical processes, providing the client with process support until the operation returns to normal.

A sulphur net clean involves many high risk activities including working at height and adjacent to a potentially explosive & toxic atmosphere.  Our engineers are trained & experienced with the use of breathing apparatus and working at heights and we eliminate all sources of ignition to ensure that the area is safe.

On completion of the work Marches Biogas issue a fully detailed report along with inspection certificates for the Sulphur Net and PRV’s.

 If you are interested in having your sulphur net cleaned and would like to discuss it in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us.

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