HAZOP Studies

HAZOP Studies

HAZOP Studies

Marches Biogas Ltd designed, built and commissioned two semi plug flow digesters for Penberth Renewable Power and Derwent Renewable Power in 2015/2016.  

As part of its design process, Marches Biogas carries out an internal hazard and operability study (HAZOP) for all its plant; however an independent HAZOP was requested by the Client, chaired by an independent third party expert.  

The HAZOP took place over 4 days for each individual plant.  Over the course of these 4 days the complete flow sheet was scrutinized for any possible process and safety problems that may present a risk to personnel or equipment.  The process was a positive experience for all parties involved and confirmed that the safety features present on the Marches Biogas plant design significantly mitigate any risk to personnel or equipment.

As owners of the AD plants, we wanted the reassurance of an independent HAZOP that the design parameters include the necessary safe guards.  To do this we appointed a technical advisor to carry out a thorough review of the design and build of the plants with Marches.  We were very pleased to see the level of engagement and enthusiasm from Marches, and following a very thorough four day process, we are confident that the process design and safety instrumentation will minimise risks to people, equipment and environment.

Chung Chew, Client Representative.

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