Leeming Biogas Pipework

Leeming Biogas Pipework

Leeming Biogas Pipework

All mechanical design work undertaken by Marches Biogas is developed utilising full 3D modelling. The extensive use of 3D ensures that the designs are clear and concise, aids clients in fully understanding the proposed solution and eliminates potential clashes with other structures. Mechanical pipework isometrics and fabrication details are extracted from the 3D model and then issued to the fabrication team for both workshop and site fabrication and assembly.

During the Winter of 2019/20 Leeming Biogas made the decision to cover their two large open air storage tanks and contracted Marches to design and construct approximately 100m of elevated stainless-steel pipework to allow the captured biogas from the tanks to be fed into the existing biogas pipeline. The detailed design was created using 3D software and submitted to the client for approval. Once the designs had been accepted the 300mm pipework was fabricated in the Marches Biogas workshop before being delivered and installed on site. Careful coordination of the installation work ensured that the plant continued to operate without disruption while the works were safely completed.

The pipework was designed and installed to IGEM standards and pressure tested on site to check for leaks.

This upgrade has multiple benefits ensuring that the headspace of the tanks is safely managed while capturing all the available biogas that was originally being vented to atmosphere together with reducing on site odour.

Marches Biogas carried out the work in a professional and safe manner alongside continued site operations and the end result is that we are now able to capture more biogas from the same tonnage of feedstock.” James Thompson, Advantage Biogas

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