OPERator training

Service - Operator Training

Location – Unilever, Gloucester

Training and knowledge transfer are key to the effective operation of all AD facilities regardless of the feedstock and setting.  Marches Biogas has many years’ experience of training plant managers & operators, and more recently the regulators on a wide range of topics all related to AD.

Ideally training takes place at an operational site where the learning is both theoretical and practical which ensures training can be specific to that site.  Training is tailored specific to the requirements of the trainees and can include, but is not limited to, the fundamentals of anaerobic digestion, health and safety, DSEAR awareness, daily tasks, preventative maintenance, biological monitoring, trouble shooting, the importance of feedstock quality and complying with regulations. 

Marches Biogas recently provided Unilever with training for several engineers who are required to carry out monitoring and maintenance of the site AD plant used to treat the wastewater from the onsite ice cream factory.  In Spring 2019 Marches Biogas designed and installed a new gas upgrade system which cleans the biogas and delivers it to gas fuelled boilers onsite which are used to provide process heat for the factory.  Operators were trained on both the operation of the AD plant and the upgrade facility.  The first half of the training was classroom based where the engineers learnt about the role of the plant as part of the onsite wastewater treatment facility, how the biology works, health, safety and DSEAR awareness, and a detailed section on the process flow and the roles of the mechanical and electrical equipment onsite.  The second half of the training was then based on site where the engineers were asked to trouble shoot and fix issues with the plant which had been set up in preparation for the training. 

“Marches Biogas were commissioned to deliver training to our Engineers to give them a better understanding of the operation of both the site AD & Biogas Upgrading Plant.  The training was a good balance of classroom and site based practical learning with all the key points delivered effectively.  The Engineers, who all differed in their experience and skill sets, were extremely receptive to the training.”  Danny Starkings, Unilever UK Ltd



The training was a good balance of classroom and site based practical learning with all the key points delivered effectively.”