15th July 2022

15th July 2022

15th July 2022

Devoted blog readers will know that we all love working at Marches Biogas and within the anaerobic digestion business in general.

Being happy in your workplace is greatly impacted by the culture of where you are – is it supportive, relaxed, challenging and rewarding? All these factors are important and if an organisation can find a happy balance between them then there’s a fair chance that people will find it a great place to work. Now we like to think that Marches Biogas meets all these criteria.

It seems that the nation has a lot more jobs than people to fill them at the moment, which is great for those looking for a new role, especially in the anaerobic digestion engineering field where Marches Biogas sits right in the middle.

As you would expect, Marches looks after its people really well with all the perks you would expect an organisation at the top of its game to offer such as private healthcare and generous annual leave allocations. But the icing on the cake is everyone who joins Marches also becomes a shareholder, a part owner of the business like John Lewis with their ‘Partner’ scheme, so everybody has a share in the success of the organisation.

So, if you would like to join a great organisation have a look at the vacancy page on the Marches website and put in an application. You never know, you could not only have a great career but be a part owner in the company – what’s not to like!

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