11th May 2021

11th May 2021

11th May 2021

'Does exactly what it says on the tin' is a phrase that everybody understands and pretty much describes Marches Biogas, we were born in the Marches area; that strip of land that runs between England and Wales and deal with all things ‘Biogas’. Now the dedicated followers of Marches Biogas will know that we have taken that to mean all things anaerobic digestion, and it holds true as wherever you have AD you hopefully have biogas.

So, shock horror, as you would expect the majority of our work comes from AD plants on the largest sewage works to the smallest on farm plant. But it would be wrong to say that all of our work comes from anaerobic digestion. Another shock horror is that you don’t have to have an AD plant to have biogas. Biogas can turn up in the most unlikely of industries.

As you know there are a number of topics of conversation never very far away at Marches such as tank sizes, front end equipment choices, the best TVR for sale, etc, but another one never far away is beer. Now another one of the beauties of living in the Marches, apart from the beautiful countryside, the friendly natives and great food heritage is a local talent for brewing (it truly is close to heaven on earth!).

Now brewing beer is a complex process but in basic terms certain beers require CO2 (i.e., lagers) and produce CO2 biogas as a by-product of the fermentation and all breweries require liquids to be controlled, heated, and pumped…. and what do Marches know and care about – well all of the above. So, it is not a surprise that Marches Biogas have used their inherent skills to assist the local brewers in the mechanics of their process, to allow the brewmasters to use all their considerable fermenting skills to make that golden alexia.

So, if you meet a Marches Biogas engineer in your travels, don’t for one minute think they spend all their time in smelly sewage works, some of the time they will be found in a much cleaner environment helping make that substance that the majority of us look forward to in a pub garden at 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon….

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