17th September 2020

17th September 2020

17th September 2020

The beauty of having a diverse team is people are always coming up with new ideas. Some sound great at first listening and then common sense tells you that actually they are not really going to work – and some, well, they just get better the more you think about them.

Marches have always offered face to face training (although with Covid it tends now to be via Teams and Zoom), in fact we have just carried out an online course for ADBA.  It was very well received, especially the virtual plant tour at the end using drone footage, with 35 delegates ranging from students, regulators such as the EA, major AD stakeholders such as the NFU and overseas people.  

So recently when Lucy came up with the idea of an online E learning based training scheme at a management meeting, there was a prolonged silence, (well it’s not something we normally do!) and then out came a series of supportive comments and then Lucy was tasked to come up with some ideas….

So that was a little time ago and Lucy did indeed come back with a fully developed and thought out training course that could take a total anaerobic digestion novice and impart the key features of the technology in just a couple of hours study. What’s more we have just launched it, so if you are interested please have a look and see what you think. On top of this Lucy has others in development which will cover all sorts of topics, so watch the website to see when they will be coming out, there will be something for all levels, from beginners wanting a better understanding to those looking to investigate topics in great detail. And with the experience of Marches behind it you will know that it’s all correct and up to date.

In some companies’ management meetings can be somewhat tedious affairs, but here they are much more fun, knowing it won’t be long before we are challenged with thinking about another great idea…

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