30th November 2020

30th November 2020

30th November 2020

We have some brilliant news, that we have signed our first major international project!

Now, Marches Biogas benefits from being located in a beautiful part of the world with clients in stunning locations which means that we are some of the luckiest people in the world to work where we do. When we all joined Marches, we probably felt that working in a great part of the British countryside would be the limit of our ambition with no complaints from anyone. It was clear like any company we had to expand our customer base and start talking to new people and potential customers and to do this we have been a bit more ‘out there’ than perhaps we have been in the past, the revised website, the social media posts and well, this blog. However, we assumed this would just mean more of the same, AD plants in the countryside and sewage works here and there (for the uninitiated sewage works also tend to be in beautiful river valleys – if you are not familiar, they can be surprisingly interesting places with nature just round every bend – honest!).

However, to our surprise we have received a steady stream of international enquiries through the door, from carbon capture-based AD in the USA, plants bottling biomethane in Asia to pig slurry projects in the Mediterranean.  Our latest big news is we have now signed a contract with GESS RNG Biogas for the outline design of up to 5 AD facilities and a commitment to agree a five-year deal for the design of 75 (yes seventy five!) plants across the US and Canada.

As well as this fantastic news we have been looking at some really interesting and diverse schemes and what we have found is that as we have covered all types of UK projects in the past, we can offer something pretty unique, a service that we can stand behind with genuine experience to back it up.

As a result, we are now signing up clients beyond this green and pleasant land; perhaps not what we expected, buts it’s clear that Ludlow is not the only beautiful part of this world. So perhaps we can help not only in the green agenda locally but also further afield and in a very small way help keep the world as beautiful in the future as it is today.

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